Wildlife at Clare

The Clare School has two wildlife cameras in specialist nest boxes and has had Blue Tits and Great Tits successfully nesting in these over the last few years. We find that the birds start looking for a suitable nesting site in February and then prepare the box to start nesting in April with hatching starting at the end of May (often near half term).  Although we have two cameras, we only broadcast images from the one of most interest and this is shown below.

We also have access to the following live cameras from other websites and a link to the BBC Springwatch team who often give updates on various wildlife events around the country.



Our own camera is now transmitting pictures of our bird box which refreshes every 20 seconds.

Please remember that these images are live and unfiltered. Occasionally there may be images some people find distressing.

News and video summary most recent events at the top:


April Summary:

It appears that we have a bird nesting in the box on eggs, although not very clear thanks to a spider that is also in residence we can see her tail at the bottom left of the picture.

March Summary: 

26th – This week we have seen the Great Tit brining in some softer nesting materials – can you spot the white string? It looks like a spider has put a cobweb just below the camera, so it’s not as clear as normal. Hopefully the bird will knock this out of the way as things progress. Last year we spotted the first eggs on 16th April.

19th – It appears that there is some moss starting to be brought into the nest box by the Great Tit, that’s excellent news and looks promising for another successful year.

12th – We continue to see a Great Tit visit our nest box on a daily basis. It’s difficult to tell if they have started building anything yet as there is still some material in there from last season.

Each day in March we have seen a Great Tit visit the box and carry out some inspection and maintenance. Sometimes they roost overnight in the boxes, but this hasn’t happened yet.

February Summary:

During the warmer February we’ve seen a Great Tit in the box removing cobwebs and old materials from last year. We have no way of knowing if this is the same bird from last year, but hopefully we will have another successful nesting season.