Wildlife at Clare

Although our main bird cameras have finished transmitting for the season, our carved pumpkins haven’t gone to waste. We popped them out for the wildlife and it wasn’t long before we have a visitor investigating them.







The Clare School has two wildlife cameras in specialist nest boxes and has had Blue Tits and Great Tits successfully nesting in these over the last few years. 

Our school bird box cameras are no longer transmitting as the nesting season has now finished. We hope to be back in 2019 with more live images from the boxes and possibly a live video feed from one of our boxes.

We also have access to the following live cameras from other websites and a link to the BBC Springwatch team who often give updates on various wildlife events around the country.

Rutland Ospreys


Our own camera is now transmitting pictures of our 2018 nest builders in box 1 and the various critters in box 2.

Bird Box 1 – (Great Tits) refreshes automatically every 20 seconds.

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Bird Box 2 – (no permanent visitors) refreshes automatically every 20 seconds.

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Please remember that these images are live and unfiltered. Occasionally there may be images some people find distressing.

News and video summary.

12th June 2018

We’ve had very little activity in both bird boxes since our Great Tits left in late May. The cameras will carry on running during the summer term just incase we have a second sitting of birds. Don’t forget that there are a number of links to other websites all of which have live cameras. We will update anything we spot here and of course on our Facebook page.

23rd May 2018 – Camera 1

Well that was a complete surprise. Normally we see the birds exercising their wings for a few days before they take flight, but not this year. We arrived this morning to find an empty nest, not a single bird was left. Last year we had a clutch later in the season so we will keep the cameras running just incase they start again.

22nd May 2018 – Camera 1

It’s all go in the nesting box with the new birds stretching their wings and exercising them ready to leave. It could be any day now that they take their first flight, but just incase we will leave the camera running over half term.

14th May 2018 – Camera 1

I can’t believe that we’re already 2 weeks in after the Great Tits hatched. Mum and dad continue a constant feeding routine from dawn to dusk. It will probably be only a week before they think about leaving the nest.  This normally seems to happen before 10am.

12th May 2018 – Camera 1

The hatched birds continue to grow at an incredible rate, they already have quite a bit of fluff on them. It looks as though only 9 of the eggs has hatched, but it’s still a lot of work for mum and dad to feed them all.

4th May 2018 – Camera 1

A little earlier than we initially thought the Great Tit eggs hatched, what a fantastic surprise. At the moment we’re unsure how many of the 10 eggs have hatched, we normally try to count the little yellow beaks.  The parents will now both start feeding with small flies, caterpillars and the insects.

26 April 2018 – Camera 1

The Great Tits have continued producing eggs and we are now up to 10!! It looks like the female Great Tit started sitting on them over the weekend, so we may see chicks during the May bank holiday.

16 April 2018 – Camera 1

Wow, what a surprise this morning to find that the Great Tit has produced 4 eggs. We’re not sure how many more we will see, but normally 1 more is added each day.

10 April 2018 – Camera 1

It seems that there has been a huge amount of activity with the Great Tits busily building over the Easter holiday. Lots of new nesting material has been brought into the box by both the male and female birds.

10 April 2018 – Camera 2

We’ve seen no activity in this bird box since last year when we had tree bees move in. You can see the remains of a few bits of straw, but also the bees nest looking like a muddy lump. When we know that the birds are definitely not going to nstt we will try to retrieve this for the pupils to take a look at.

27 March 2018 – Camera 1

For the first time we’ve spotted two Great Tits in the bird box. It looks like they are both getting ready to start nesting properly soon.

27 March 2018 – Camera 2

Well we’ve not spotted any major bird activity in box two after the initial theft of the nesting materials, however, something keeps moving things about. Do let us know if you spot anything.

22 March 2018 – Camera 1

Whilst things appear to be going slowly in the nest box, we have seen quite frequent morning visits by a Great Tit and she spends most nights in there.

22 March 2018 – Camera 2

After the initial visits from Blue Tits stealing materials we’ve seen very little in the way of birds. We are however, keeping a close eye as there has been some

8 March 2018 – Camera 1

After a week of very cold weather nest building has slowed, although we have seen visits by the Great Tit to the bird box.

8 March 2018 – Camera 2

Blue Tits have been again in Box 2, but we are not sure what they are up to. They have made quite a hole in last years nest material and been seen removing some from the box. Are they just stealing material to use elsewhere?

6 February 2018 – Camera 1

Well last night our Great Tit was back roosting in the box. We’ve had some very cold nights and they’ve been tucked down in the corner, sometimes with just her tail visible. Hopefully as the box continues to be prepared more of the cobwebs from the last few months will continue to be cleared.

1 February 2018 – Camera 1

We were really excited to see that one of the Great Tits spent the night in the box last night. Will she be back tonight? Watch this space…

30 January 2018 – Camera 1

Well what a surprise this morning. We were hoping to clean the old material out of the bird box in preparation for this year and what do we see on the camera? A Great Tit adjusting the nesting materials. Unfortunately we’re going to have to live with the few spiders webs this season as we can’t disturb them now.