Support Staff

Here at The Clare School we have an enormous range of support staff whose role it is to ensure our pupils have every opportunity to thrive in their time with us!

We have a mantra here that ‘Everybody is Somebody’ and this is reflected in the specialist roles that the support team have in the care and education of our pupils.

Let me take you through some of these roles:

  • Specialist Support Assistants – these members of staff work with our pupils in teaching teams with members of teaching staff. They help deliver the specialised curricula that every pupil needs here at The Clare School. They lead small group and individual work to target our learning support plans, linking to every pupils EHC Plan.


  • Personal and Physical Support Assistants – these colleagues work with the pupils ensuring that their personal care is managed appropriately throughout the school day. They work on individual targets for improvement in these areas, and also help to deliver physiotherapy plans consistently.


  • Medical Assistants – these specialist members of our team ensure that pupils medical needs are met via their care and medication plans throughout the school day. They work closely with the Community Paediatric Nursing Team to deliver high quality care.


  • Site Team – this team includes the site manager and they ensure that every aspect of the schools physical site is constantly cared for and ready-for-use. While health and safety is an issue for everyone, the site team work to consistently keep the whole community safe.


  • Secretarial Team – these colleagues work under our Business Manager and support the administration of the schools business needs. Included in this team are the Finance Officer and ICT Manager.


We also have a host of specialist roles within the support staff, including Key Movers, Tracheotomy Care, Gastro-Feed Care, Epilepsy Care, First Aiders, Nurture Specialists, Steps trainers, EyeGaze Specialists, Rebound Therapy Specialists, Mental Health Champions and TITAN Specialists.

Emma Collins, Support Staff Lead.