The Pre-Formal Curriculum

Pupils at The Clare School follow one of two learning pathways – Pre-Formal or Formal. The Pre-Formal pathway is mainly for those who have Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties who are unable to access the National Curriculum.

Pre-Formal pupils require a higher level of adult support, both for their learning needs and their personal care, and are likely to need sensory stimulation with their curriculum broken down into very small steps. Some of our pre-formal pupils communicate by gesture, eye-pointing, and at times very simple language. Their attainment is likely to stay within the early P-Levels.

All our Pre-Formal pupils follow highly individualised timetables including the following five areas:

  • Cognition
  • Communication
  • Physical Skills
  • Independence
  • Sensory Skills


Clare Bett is also training to become a specialist teacher, with a post graduate qualification for ‘Sounds of Intent’ using resonance as communication within the Pre-Formal Curriculum, and has asked us to share her ideas for music homework for Pre-Formal pupils:

*Listen to a wide variety of music

*Sing as much as possible – not only regular songs, but also what is going on (eg. bath time, off to school etc.)

*Do as much intensive interaction as you can – copy sounds and actions your child makes and have a conversation

*Clap/ beat out the rhythm of songs and give the children the opportunity to copy

*Sing part of a song your child knows then stop and see if they attempt to sing the next bit or ask you to continue

Click on the link below for an update from the Lead, Lucy Reynolds:

Pre-formal Update Summer 2018


We have a great video below of one of our students expressing himself through sound.