Wildlife at Clare

The Clare School has a number of wildlife cameras around the grounds and has successfully had nesting Blue Tits and Great Tits over the last few years.

So far in this year we have seen a little bird activity in Box 2. Currently we believe that we have a Solitary Bee in the box in the old nesting material along with a spider nearer the camera.

Box 1 has been much more successful. It was cleared of nesting material over the winter period and given a good clean. We now have a pair of Great Tits feeding their young. Hopefully this will be another great year for the wildlife at The Clare School.

We also have access to the following live cameras from other websites, and a link to the BBC Springwatch team who often give updates on various wildlife events around the country.

Rutland Ospreys


Our own cameras are now transmitting views of our 2017 nest builders. 

Bird Box 2 – (Creature Camera) refreshes automatically every 20 seconds.

Please remember that these images are live and on occasion there may be items shown that some people may find distressing.

News and video summary.

22-May-2017 – Bird Box Camera 2.

Now that Box 1 is empty, we have switched over to our second live camera (above). Although we only had a Blue Tit checking out the residence very early in March, we do have other unexpected activity in the box. We have a nest of Tree bumblebees that have made their home under the straw and near a spider that lives mainly behind the camera.  This box is well out of the vicinity of the school children, however, we will be keeping a close eye on it for everyones safety.


Well this will be out last entry about the Great Tits for 2017. At 9:30 this morning the remaining baby birds fledges successfully and within a few minutes all had left the box to start their lives in the big wide world. It was another successfully year for them and although two didn’t make it to adulthood 7 is still a very good number for the parents.


There has been a lot of wind flapping from the young birds over the last 48 hours as they strengthen their muscles ready for their first flight outside of the bird box. Earlier today and much to our surprise one of the young popped up to the exit and made a break for freedom, so we expect the others to leave at anytime.


From what we have been able to count all 9 eggs hatched and the parents continue to feed pretty much constantly from dawn to dusk.


Even though we have suffered some unseasonal cold weather over the last few days, the Great Tits have hatched with mum and dad beginning the task of feeding the chicks.


We were very pleased to see that over the Easter holidays the Great Tit has been very busy. We believe that she is now incubating 9 eggs and occasionally can be seen turning them over.


Box 2 which looked as thought it would see some nest building action has been limited to spiders and bees. We are pleased to see nest building has begun in box 1, with a Great Tit bringing in straw and grass over the past few days and this morning some gold coloured hair.

7-February 2017.

Our successful bird box 2 is up and running live for 2017. Once again we have seen some disturbance in the material left in there from the end of the 2016 season. This box successfully fledged a number of Blue Tits last year, so we are hopeful for a mother nesting pair in 2017.

1-February 2017.

Here we are in the depths of winter with biting easterly winds and we can hear the Great Tits starting to call. At the feeders pairs of Blue Tits can also be seen and others species are already starting to pair up for the 2017 breeding season.