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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC), education is key to our pupils here at The Clare School. As a community we seek to understand and share with others within and beyond the school gate our achievements and how we’ve overcome any barriers to our success. We celebrate the ethos and values that we hold as a school, celebrate our diversity, and re-affirm the British values of tolerance, personal liberty, and democracy.

We use weekly themes for assemblies, led by classes within the school, and these are then reflected on during pastoral class SMSC sessions. Staff and pupils use the termly plan to ensure that we link into local, national and world-wide events at a level that is appropriate to the assembly audience.

From sensory and experience stories with the Pre-Formal classes, through to Titan and Asdan achievements shared with pupils on the Formal pathway, we seek to ensure that our assemblies remain appropriate for all our student body. Our assemblies have been formed by consultation with the Pupil Voice body and staff, and time is taken to discuss and reflect on the topics covered.

Assemblies also take place for Primary and Secondary pupils on a weekly basis organised by those departments.

To compliment this we also have strong links with our local church, Christ Church Eaton.