Vision Statement

An inclusive community at the forefront of education leading on physical, sensory and complex needs for all ages.
We will achieve this by:

Offering the highest quality learning opportunities for all our pupils

  • Provide our pupils with first class provision, enabling them to enjoy their learning experiences, achieve, feel safe, feel confident as an individual and to be as independent as they possibly can be.
  • Recruit, retain and develop the highest quality staff, recognising leadership potential and ensuring a skilled workforce who will drive the school forward, delivering quality learning opportunities to all our pupils.
  • Invest in an infrastructure that provides specialist facilities and embraces the latest technology enabling pupils to have the learning tools to success and an environment that stimulates pupil’s creativity and imagination.


Establishing the school as a national leader in the field of physical, sensory and complex health needs, influencing and driving the direction of SEN within Norfolk.

  • Keep up to date with, embrace and influence the best current educational values, philosophy and innovation, maximising our high quality national and international links.
  • Through our specialist leadership, be a recognised provider of quality mentoring/training for professionals contributing to improving and shaping the future of education in both complex needs and mainstream provision.


Fostering an inclusive community that creates a hub for lifelong learning and care for those with physical, sensory and complex needs of all ages.

  • Work in partnership with other community providers to ensure opportunities for personal learning in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Offer a high quality integrated service throughout the year with the facility for resident provision.