The Clare School project:

‘Norwich – a Kind City’




The ‘Thank You’ coin

You were given this ‘Thank You’ token because you were kind. Pass it forward the next time somebody is kind to you. 
Who knows? If lots of people use these tokens we could grow the numbers of acts of kindness. We could start to think of Norwich as a Kind City as well as a Fine City.  If you want some tokens of your own to give away, they’re free.

But with a small catch! 

Thank you coin

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You can email with your name and postal address and ask for up to 10 more tokens at a time. But you must give an example in your email of a kind act that we can add to our collection.  
You could begin your example with the words: “We could make Norwich a kind city by………….”

Thank You. Pay it forward.

John Harben –