Please find below the Staff Policies that must be read and adhered whilst employed at The Clare School. Each member of staff will be asked to sign a sheet to confirm that these have been read, and that they are aware and understand their content. This agreement will be held on your personnel record.

Absence Management Policy & Procedure
Administration of Medication in School
Administration of Medication on School Trips
Bullying & Harassment
Cyberbullying Policy
Code of Conduct
Critical Incidents
Dress Code
Employee privacy notice
Equal Opportunities
Equal Opportunities Policy
Grievance Procedure
Grievance Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Home School Liaison
Internet, Social Media and Email Use
ICT Code Of Conduct 2021-2022
Leave and Time Off 
Personal/Intimate Care
Recruitment and Selection Policy
Staff Wellbeing
Staff Disciplinary Procedures
Supply Staff
Menopause and Work

We also have a wide range of other policies, some of which we have published on the policies page of the website and others which are held in the Headteacher’s office. All staff can ask for a copy of these as needed.

If any member of staff needs help to understand any policy or would like to question why it is in place, please do not hesitate to speak with the Headteacher.



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